Monthly Wish List - March

I fully admit to being a truly lazy blogger this month! I celebrated my 24th Birthday last weekend, and was quite unprepared to accept it was even March! 2013 is certainly flying by, as I now have a part time job again, the week is zooming by without me getting much done at home, I believe they call that 'the real world', so no complaints, just need to get myself organised better!

As I am spending the next week in Sweden, I thought the Wish List should have a decidedly Easter theme, as I have been embracing it in the home all month, even though i won't be here for the weekend itself!

First up, an absolutely beautiful Tiffany & Co letter opener, with easter rabbits hiding in the grass, c1890. It went for £376 on Ebay and I can definitely see why, anything delicate, silver and animal themed will always be popular, but this is a particularly lovely example, It would bring a smile every time you used at it, although I would save it for special pen pal letters only, not waste it on boring old bank statements!

Continuing on the Mad March Hare/Easter Bunny theme, this Art Deco toy teapot would sit perfectly on your easter table, the painted design is simple, but that strong deco shape ensures it would make an impact, even if it was child-size! Just a shame it wasn't the whole set, I would imagine that would be snapped up even quicker!

Just one more bunny for the road! A mashup of two very British designers, Emma Bridgewater (Love-it-or-hate-it!) and Mark Hearld, who is always on my 'Wish List', I thought his last book was absolutely stunning and I will save up to buy one of his prints soon! The image of the Hare is common in Folk Art, and thats what really springs to mind with this simple design, I like it a lot!

Finally (it's a short Wish List this month!) a little taster of Swedish Easter. If you read my blog post from last year HERE about my beautiful easter book 'Lotta's Easter Suprise by Astrid Lindgren', you'll see that dressing girls as Witches is a Swedish tradition at Easter to mark the story of witches travelling to BlĂ„kulla- a legendary meadow - where the devil would hold court during the sabbath. So think of it as trick or treating for Easter eggs! This postcard is an excellent example of this tradition, if I spot any such postcard on my trip, I will be a very happy bunny!
 I am very much looking forward to the Easter Break, I hope it's a lovely one for you too! Just having no more snow would be a start!!

Just one more Eastertide idea from the super Miranda Hart - TOAST SPOONS!! A true necessity.

Thanks for reading!


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