Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum

The Gothenburg Natural History Museum was founded in 1833 and is the oldest museum in the city. The museum is most famous for its taxidermy blue whale (the only one in the world - which once doubled as a tea room!) and African elephant, but offers a vast array of taxidermy and beautiful dioramas to it's visitors. Needless to say, Bruce was particularly keen to drop by on our trip, but I was blown away by the extent of their collections, you could get lost in there quite easily! I particularly loved seeing the narwhal, tapir and sloth, all my favourites under one roof! Sometimes being surrounded by so much taxidermy can be oppressing, but because the building is so impressive, it carries it well! Plus, the animals are well looked after, not too old and shabby looking!

I was blown away by these stunning dioramas by Gustaf Werner, they lie behind a small pitch black room, so certainly take you by surprise when you peek through the glass! By far the most impressive i've seen to date - spot the moose!

If you find yourself in Gothenburg, you must pop in and say hello to the blue whale!

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