Gents in the Garden - Vintage Photographs

These gentlemen are the newest additions to my 'In The Garden' collection, all Ebay finds! 
The first image is probably the oldest original print I own, it's nearly 10x8 in size and is quite stunning, despite it's damage! Really, I want to frame it and enjoy it properly - what a proper beard eh? I believe it to be a Victorian example, if you think i'm way off do let me know, but apart from his own style, the greenhouse behind him is quite telling! The second one is certainly a proud-between hard graft-shot, and as for the last one, well, a vicar in a greenhouse - need I say more?

I hope you've seen at least some of this gorgeous sunshine this week! I have so much to crack on with in the garden now, it's hard knowing where to start, so I'm starting out right after I finish typing, honest!


OH! And due to Google Friend Connect soon becoming obsolete  I've signed up to Bloglovin to ease the transition! 
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