Monthly Wish List - April/May

I'm afraid to say I slacked off last month and didn't provide my usual monthly wish it, no excuses, as I was certainly up to my usual shopping tricks! My garden has been taking up ALL of my time, thoughts and efforts, I will endeavour to update the blog on that news soon!

In the meantime here is a bumper April/May post, I am veering away from my usual Ebay trawl, and instead we're going to stick at my Etsy finds, I'm so pleased at the increase of UK sellers there over the last year!

The flying bird wall motif is one of the most recognisable in (all be it, retro) British design, and I must admit I've never been a huge fan...until I saw this gorgeous contemporary set by Anna Wiscombe, who I spotted at a craft market on South Bank just before Christmas, but couldn't justify buying presents for myself! Visit her shop for a wide range of lovely handcrafted birds, from brooches and magnets to these wall motifs, it's tricky to choose a favourite!

Next up, are these rather charming 'Random Notes Of Appreciation' from Bread and Jim who produce all manner of hand printed goods, all of which are super gifts, IF you can bear to give them away! They describe these notes:

"Imagine you're having the worst day ever, your boss has shouted at you for no apparent reason, you look like you've been dragged through the hedge backwards and to top it all, its been raining for the best part of a year. Wouldn't it be nice to find that someone has slipped a tiny note of appreciation into your bag whilst you weren't looking. Surely that would bring a smile to your face and that's what these notes are intended to do."

They are perfect for putting a smile on someones face!

These hand rolled beeswax candles from Utopia Home and Garden just look so tactile, and the packaging is equally as pleasing to the eye! Best of all, they are 100% Natural Pure British beeswax, paraffin and soy free. Visit their shop for a selection of vintage style hand painted signs and rustic home wares  all handcrafted in North Berwick Scotland.

It's not often I can resist tea paraphernalia, and this handmade Bird House Tea Cosy by Ellsey Bellsey would be a wonderful addition to my collection, it's one of the most individual patterns I've seen in a long time, makes such a refreshing change from endless chintz and florals!

I think this tote bag by Helen Naylor at Pocket Wren speaks for itself! I will be treating myself to this ASAP, I love the jaunty wellingtons, and the fonts are perfect for the theme, really nice design!
This chirpy gardening apron by Apseed Crafts deserves a mention, as I have had Ira's items on my favourites ever since I joined Etsy, but it is the only non-uk seller on this wish list! These aprons are every bit as jolly as they are practical, and have lots of handy pockets which makes them suitable for a range of craft and household activities, not just pottering in the garden! She always chooses perfect colours, keep an eye on her shop for new designs! 

And finally, some inspiration for the up-coming bank holiday! This Union Jack Deckchair  from Bye Brytshi is the most perfect strawberries and cream hues, and I usually don't touch pink with a bargepole! You could sit and enjoy a glass of Pimms on the lawn in full Blighty style, knotted handkerchief headgear optional! They have a good variety of deck chairs in all types of finish, take a look!

I hope that was a good collection of Etsy inspiration, if you've yet to experience it, try searching through the UK sellers first, there's some fantastic sellers on there now who need our support!

Thanks for reading!



Amol Clark said...

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Bye Brytshi said...

Thanks for your kind words about our pink deck chair. I wish the sun would come out a bit so I could enjoy a Pims or two.

Bye Brytshi