A Sunny Subrural July!

Well, what can we say? Britain is indeed basking in the most beautiful sunshine, and we can only cross our fingers that it's here to stay (for a reasonable time at least!). It's the month for enjoying all our hard work from those chilly spring mornings, when we buried those seeds and hoped for the best! Now watching the bees buzz from flower to flower replaces television (see above video - incredible swarm!), Pimms becomes a permanent feature (enjoyed on the newly-broken-in patio furniture) and we are all looking that little bit healthier, hurrah!

I am cottoning on to this new phrase of 'Subrural', although not in the oh-so-Surrey '4x4 purely for Waitrose' way, I promise! For me, I do feel I have my own little patch of The Good Life nestled in a very typical south-east environment, and I do love shutting the door on all those endless parked cars at the end of the day, phew! I have yet to blog about my newest addition to the garden, but I just want to make sure it's looking it's best, in the meantime, here's whats happening now, look out for the amazing fruit print dress I found in a Swedish charity shop, i wasn't sure I'd get the chance to enjoy it!
I also was lucky enough to have a visit from Thom who is usually found in super-cool Gothenburg, so Pimms was naturally on the agenda!

(Thank you Bruce for those super photos!)

Hope you have been having a great week, those summer holidays creep ever nearer!!


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LandGirl1980 said...

Hurrah! I have found you on instagram!

Fab photos :)