Seaside Holiday 2013

Forgive me for being so terribly slow on blog updates recently! Happily, I finally managed to escape to the sea with my family for our usual holiday in Charmouth/Lyme Regis last week. We always rent a beautiful manor house in Charmouth high street, and just spend the time walking down to the Jurassic Coast, breakfasting with freshly baked goodies from the charming Charmouth bakery (which does looks like someones garage on first look!) and generally enjoying a slower, more relaxed pace of life (except for the hoards of tourists in Lyme of course, but we don't count ourselves in that throng, as we do go every year, so it feels like home! Lyme Loyalists!) We were actually very lucky with the weather, plenty of sun in between the sea mist, beautiful!

The waves against the stunning, mysterious Cobb at Lyme, one of my favourite places to just, well, be!

We always head to Bridport on the Saturday and Wednesday as it's market day in the town and there's a healthy mix of vintage/handmade/second hand amongst the local goods, I highly recommend it! I also appreciate that Bridport is so dog friendly, almost all the individual shops and cafes welcome them, and there's bowls of water everywhere for them to cool off. This jolly-doggie atmosphere had a positive influence on a usually-grumpy Mollie, and she was very well behaved, even when the above cream tea (Bruce's, not mine I swear!) was being munched just above her head! I recommend the Bridport Art Centre for lunch, really tasty food&drinks if you can get a seat!

We also payed a visit to the brilliant D.Palmers Postcards&Camera shop, which I wrote about in detail last year HERE . I did purchase some excellent photographs for the collections, but I'll save those for another post! In the meantime, take a look at the goodies that await you inside this Aladdins camera cave, Bruce always finds some bargain camera gadgets too, but for me it's all about the curiosities!

We also managed to visit the Charmouth Fossil Shop that lies at the very top of the high street, a very friendly and fascinating shop indeed! As I have yet to discover my own fossil on the beaches, I took home two beautiful local ammonites from here, which have pride of place with my other beach combing finds! That amazing polished sphere in the bottom of this photo is actually fossilised wood - utterly amazing, but slightly out of my budget for now, as was the fascinating fossilised flower in the next photograph!

When I walk along the beach at Charmouth, I can't help but imagine Mary Anning (Who I wrote about for International Women's Day HERE) silhouetted against the waves, picking at rocks which could hold a fascinating Jurassic secret. I really do feel at home there, I do hope to escape to the sea one day, but until then, we shall keep enjoying our Enid-Blighton-esq seaside holidays, with lashings of ginger beer!

Hope you're having a super summer!



Elaine said...

I love Lyme Regis! Looks like you had a great visit. I spotted that Viewmaster, I got a vintage one for Christmas from my OH with slides of many of the countries we had visited on holiday. Happy memories! So nice to go back to the same place each year, feels like a home from home then as you say. Enjoy your summer. Elaine

Porcelina said...

Great photos!! I feel like I've just had a little 2 minute holiday from my desk!

P x

LandGirl1980 said...

Oh, I have not been down that neck of the woods for a looooong time. I must remedy this!

Katie Bedlow said...

Thank you for the comments ladies! I do hope you are all having a trip to the seaside very soon too!

Elaine, honestly, that camera shop is one of my holiday highlights, a true gem of Bridport, there's certainly a lack of such curiosity shops these days! So glad you found my blog, it does sound like we share many interests!

Porcelina, thats so lovely, I was a bit disappointed with myself for only using my iphone for photos, but i'm glad they came out well! I do hope you get to the beach soon, you deserve it!

Charly, get holibobing in Lyme pronto!! The vintage market on Sat/Weds in Bridport is great way to spend the day, some super tea rooms too, what could be nicer! x