Monthly Wish List July/August

I have cheekily doubled up the July/August wish lists as in all honesty, I was so busy last month with DIY and garden jobs I really didn't have the attention (or money!) to spare casting my eye over Ebay, I know, not acceptable in the slightest! Will try harder!

Lets kick off with a new addiction of mine...and it's pretty serious...CHARMS!

My mum has a fantastic gold charm bracelet that I've always admired, but my latest style is to just wear silver individual ones on a thin necklace, I have received plenty of compliments so far, and I've got just the place to recommend anyone who fancies one themselves! Mistercharm on Ebay is a treasure trove for 1960s sterling silver examples that won't break the bank, i suggest you take a look pronto! Here are two I haven't actually purchased for myself (yet!) but I thought were stunning, firstly, this chubby beehive which opens to reveal Mr Bumble himself:

And this very highly detailed pair of sewing scissors that just call to me for some reason (despite limited sewing skills!). I was reading a fantastic article about a lady with a vast collection of antique scissors...possibly in The Simple Things magazine? And I think something stuck! And as for the last one, well....toast anyone?

I can't remember anything about this next plate negative as I only saved the picture BUT what a charming portrait! Everything about her is just....perfect really! That outfit, those boots! And of course, I am a sucker for a garden portrait so the daffodil in her lap is just brilliant considering the state of the garden behind her! Date wise based on her clothes you would say 1910-1920, but then looking at the fence and houses behind it's a different story, I reckon she was dressing up in her mothers/grandmothers clothes for this, what do you think?

Just look at these dashing gents! A collection of estate gardeners (unknown) but don't they all look exquisitely smart, some excellent moustaches too! Speaking of moustaches...

Ok enough photographs, if they aren't garden themed I can't dabble, thems the rules!

This next item is actually £500 worth of Chinese silk panting so WAYYY out of my budget (but hence the joy of the wish list!) and probably seems slightly out of sync with my past choices, but hear me out! My Dad lived in Singapore for his teenage years as my Grandfather was posted out there, and therefore, I have inherited several items brought back from Singapore that despite not being my usual style, I love very much! Including several silk paintings of birds and characters, but none QUITE as startling as this! The pose, the colours, all perfect. I'll just have to keep my eye out for something a little more in my price range! 

I only saw my first Jay a couple of years ago, and have been facinated by them ever since, love that sudden flash of blue as they dart in front of you. So needless to say I love this original lino-block by an unknown carver, it's such a beautiful object in it's own right, even just displayed rather than used to print with! I have only just started dabbling in Lino, and I admit, its a lot more intense than I expected, I admire this blocks style immensely, so tactile!

And just to end on a random note, here's a lovely example for the next project I have in mind! 
Yes, I'm looking into getting chickens, after looking after all my neighbours this holiday and realising they are the most charming little creatures. I don't think I'll be eating them again anytime soon either, can't bear it! Collecting still-warm eggs of a morning is so satisfying, and it's comforting to hear their funny little clucks and squawks as I'm gardening - I'm hooked! So if someone could just pop round and build this perfect house with all the spare wood I have languishing in my shed, that would be super!

Hope it's been a good week for you! Back soon with some exciting updates!


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LandGirl1980 said...

I love Jay's too :) Whenever I see one I have to stop and watch them for a bit :)