How Lovely Is The Silence Of Growing Things - Vintage Garden Art

I just arrived home from work to find a little present waiting in the letterbox for me (and from me!) all the way from America. I originally saw Vintage Garden Art's pieces on Pinterest when Woolly Green pinned this exact item, and I knew I had to have one! Julie creates these plant markers from vintage silver plate cutlery, a concept that has been growing in popularity BUT I think her creations are particularly special, as she adds little details such as the little flower and leaf amongst the text. My chosen quote 'How Lovely Is The Silence Of Growing Things' can be found here, I knew it would look super in my little geranium pot. It arrived very quickly indeed, and beautifully packaged, as you can see above!

Visit her shop here, they would make lovely christmas present with some homegrown herbs! Here is mine in it's chosen spot, the texture of the spoon is particularly nice, it's been hammered flat and has a dimpled look to the metal. Julie also included a little freebie of a 'Peace' marker from a small handle, very kind indeed! If you haven't yet shopped on Etsy, i can only say, get there NOW you won't regret it!

Hope it's a good weekend for you!


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