Autumn Is Coming - Grab Your Knitwear and Pumpkin Spice!

I don't think it's in anyway a secret that I love autumn. Really love. True love.

The first visible breath on an crisp morning, the first ankle-deep step into crunching auburn leaves, and of course, enjoying pumpkins and squash at any given opportunity, pumpkin spice frenzy! Not to mention pulling on your favourite chunky jumper, seeing dogs walking in their little winter jackets, sun still streaming through the rusty leaves, robins hopping on the lightly frosted grass....Ok I'll stop. I indulge my love of this time of year over on my Pinterest 'Autumnal Delights' board, do pop over and have a browse, it'll be my main topic of pins for the next few weeks!

The new issue of The Simple Things has some wonderful articles about this magical time of year, I always recommend a flick through this magazine with a hot cup of proper coffee, perfect start to a day off! I was particularly inspired by Derek Brown's beautiful home, full of quirky natural collections, themes of salvage and seascape sit alongside oodles of rustic charm - wow! I'm decorating my bedroom at the moment and I need all the help I can get for visualising how I can organise all my curiosities!

My next blog post will be a big one, I'm finally ready to show you my project of this year, hope it's worth the wait!

Thanks for reading, now get some comfy bed socks on and get the kettle boiling!


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...Nina Nixon... said...

I'm most home sick in the Autumn - Alice Holt is my first memories of the true smell of fall.

Enjoy the season.

Nina x