Early December Days

Glad to be back! I've been without a laptop for over a week now due to my charger going up in smoke and then the snail mail delaying my new one, but I must admit, I have been getting plenty done without it! The withdrawal was not too great!

The house and Shepherds Hut are now almost fully decorated for Christmas (pictures coming in next post) with plenty of emphasis on using natural decorations. I think most who have driven past me whilst I stumbled back from the woods with bundles of sticks, mossy branches, pine cones and lastly a dog on a lead, thought me quite mad! This time of year we are treated to some amazing light, and this week, we even got fog which did cause it's usual chaos across the country, we can never win with our weather! It still doesn't feel quite frosty enough for Christmas but I'm sure I'll be eating my words on that very soon, there have been some beautiful glittering spiders webs this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to a Christmas Fair tonight to hopefully finish the shopping, back with more merriment next week!

Also, Friday 13th of December is Saint Lucia Day, which is celebrated widely across Scandinavia. Todays celebrations are a reference to life in the the past lifetime of communities: darkness and light, cold and warmth. Lucia is said to be a bearer of light in the dark winters, hence the importance of candles in the processions. The traditional candle headdresses make today a very beautiful winter celebration indeed, and if you have never tried a delicious Saffron Lucia bun - you're missing out! Here's the recipe! 

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...Nina Nixon... said...

Hi Katie - that frosted spiders web...like something out if Narnia...just gorgeous.

Nina x