Monthly Wish List - January

I always dread January, knowing what dark dank days lie before us before the first signs of Spring brighten our spirits - so with that in mind, lets go shopping! Even if it is still a bit early to be sowing this years crops, it's never too early to plan, I'm probably lagging well behind compared to many determined gardeners! This Gardeners Seed Set from Goodbye1979 looks the part - wonderfully rustic and not afraid of getting grubby! The garden markers are made from FSC certified pine with 2 coats of antique oak wood stain, sealed with a natural mineral oil&organic beeswax mixture - they will be a great feature in a carefully planned kitchen garden!

Continuing this years garden Wish List are these gorgeous gardeners aprons from Pinks And Greens who I found on Etsy, their product photography is wonderful too! They use vintage buttons and these even come with a spool of twine included, bonus! Better get saving! They also make brilliant dungarees which I would be very happy pottering in, all those handy pockets - be proud to buy British!

I have been lusting after this book ever since I heard a rumour about it last year, I am expecting great things.
The author, Caroline Zoob, is a textile artist who has lived at Monks House for over a decade as a tenant of the National Trust, caring for the house and garden. She explains how the garden developed over the years Virginia and Leonard lived there. They were both very interested in their garden; Virginia was keen to have one as attractive as her sisters at Charleston House, and Leonard soon became quite the expert on fruit and vegetables. Virginia worked in a writing room in the garden, a wooden lodge in the corner of the orchard, and she and Leonard also had a ground floor bedroom built for Virginia, as she found it a wonderfully light and inspiring room with its garden views. In a letter to her friend Ethel Smythe, Virginia wrote "I sleep and dress in full view of the garden." She also added one day she noticed the gardener looking in at her - I say! I can't wait to be absorbed into this book.

I'm including this Leuchtturm1917 Five Year Memory Book because it could be the only way to encourage me to write a diary, I've never made it past the first few months before resigning to only putting in my work hours and hair appointments - not exactly a riveting read! I own Leuchtturm notebooks already, and I can confirm they are fantastic quality, firmly bound and the paper can cope with heavier ink - unlike Moleskin since they changed their production line! 'Memory Book' seems a much more approachable project to me, something special to look back on.

This beautiful Mountains bowl by TimGeeCeramic is made from translucent porcelain with the interior finished in a delicate blue glaze. "Mountains; this surface is based on the image of mist gathering in the valleys." Honestly, It's one of the most unusual pieces of ceramic I have seen in a long while, the scene very dreamlike and tranquil, I don't see how you'd ever tire of gazing over those mountain tops!

I'm currently burning this Kew Gardens Orange Blossom Candle that my Grandad bought me for Christmas, it's absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend for a more uplifting scent than just all the cinnamon and spices of winter fragrances.

Hope January hasn't been too much of a drag, we're nearly out of the woods now! Payday and hopefully brighter days lie tantalisingly close! 
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