When It Rains...Head To Brighton!

Let's admit it, Britain is having a pretty miserable soggy start to 2014, and just when it's due to get even worse...I head to the seaside - I must just be sensible like that! We decided to go for a off-route stroll in the morning when it wasn't supposed to be pouring, trusty pocket beach combing guides in tow. But, all rock pools were still under thrashing waves, so we decided to just enjoy the sights instead! - Note to self - next time, double check tide times, don't expect the Brighton resident to have them memorised ;) So much perfectly smoothed driftwood had washed up on the beach, I wish I could have carried it back on the train and hoarded it in the garden somewhere, Claire has now got a great stash for her crafting!

Take a look at that sky!! Claire's reaction is understandable, luckily we did make it back in one piece, we needed much tea and banana cake to recover, absolutely exhausted! Hope this weather isn't causing you&yours too much grief, it is certainly taking it's toll now.

Have a great weekend! Back soon with some crafty updates!


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