Dreaming Of Springtime Gardening - Sarah Raven Inspiration

I have been gathering gardening inspiration all winter, although I seem to have too many ideas and not enough time/space/budget - but never let that crush your dreams eh? Vases of jolly tulips and nodding daffodils have started to appear at the windows, I think we're all craving some colour after such dreary weeks as these! But infact, as I type this some sunshine is filtering through the window - QUICK, OUTSIDE!!

I have been marking 'Gardening Wish List' items in my Sarah Raven catalogue for weeks, so here are my (first wave!) choices for the coming year: 1. Calendula Ageratum and Dill mix, 2. Jewel Cut Flower Meadow Mix, 3.Cobaea Scandens , 4.Calendula 'Touch Of Red' , 5. Sunflower Seed Collection, 5. Cosmos Purity

All photography from SarahRaven.com

And on the vegetable side of things, after having grand plans for the raised beds and greenhouse this year I've chosen some different varieties of old favourites! 1. Hungarian Hot Wax Chilli 2. Chioggia Beetroot , 3. Lettuce 'Descartes', 4. Chicory 'Variegato di Castelfranco'

It's good to finally see some green isn't it? Do head over to my Gardening Pinterest Board for more of my current inspirations!



Vicky said...

I honestly could not be more excited about Spring at all - the weekend is going to be made up with sowing everything into the propagators, hurrah. Love your choices, looking forward to seeing how things develop :)

Dexter jazz said...

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