Springtime In The Woods

Set this video to full screen and I promise, instant zen! I love living so near the woods, taking Mollie for a walk in the sunshine this morning I couldn't resist trying to capture all those different birdsongs, really heartening sounds. Birds really are my favourite creatures, there's so much to discover about them, I was overjoyed to see the Blue tits have found the nest boxes again this year, I'll be keeping a close eye.

It's my 25th birthday on Monday so after work tomorrow I am counting this as my Birthday weekend, hooray!

Other weekend hopes,

*Get planting more vegetable seeds in the raised beds: spinach, radishes, peas and kale
*Gladly accept I need to unpack my spring clothes, let's hope that doesn't jinx it!
*Bake THIS gorgeous looking cake for my birthday, yes, I always bake my own cake!

* Start reading my new book, The Craftsman by Richard Sennett
*Take Mollie to the dog groomers so she looks less like a sheep!

I'm just sitting down to enjoy the new series of Gardeners World, it's good to have dear Monty back, I've lost direction without him!

Hope you see plenty of sunshine and hear plenty of birdsong this weekend!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Katie!! Hope the weekend turns out as amazing as your birthday cake looks. x Alisa

Gillian said...

Enjoy your birthday, Kate. Your weekend sounds pretty good to me, and that cake looks divine. x

LandGirl1980 said...

Aaaaaah - this video is so beautiful :) Instant zen indeed!

LandGirl1980 said...

Happy Birthday too!

Porcelina said...

Have a wonderful birthday!!

I love living close to woods too, yours are particularly pretty I must say.

I've just planted some radish seeds, not really sure what I'm doing with gardening, it's a bit of a baptism by fire moving into a house with a big garden. I like seeing what a 'proper' gardener is up to so I can think 'oh dear, should I be doing that?!'

coco said...

Dear Katie,
your blog is such a fun place to visit. Thank you.