My Easter Weekend

Well I can honestly say that was the nicest Easter Bank Holiday i've had in many years! I was quite happy pottering around the garden on the Saturday, swapping eggs with the family on Sunday, followed by the Easter Feast and sleepily settling down to watch David Copperfield. It was a shame to have such soggy weather on Sunday, but then again, I was too busy in the kitchen to have gone outside!

For me, Easter is all about family, flowers and of course, food. I gave into my inner child and whipped up the classic chocolate nest cakes (luckily. narrowly avoiding the UK Mini Eggs shortage!) and cooked traditional Lamb for the dinner, recipe from the Yeo Valley Farmhouse Cookbook that I would highly recommend, it was a winner! 
I did try and get some seasonal easter decorations throughout the house, I was very pleased to spot the Victorian Easter Card at my local antiques centre, I used to have a rabbit just like that! I was sad to see the last bunches of daffodils until next year, but I'm very glad it's now bluebell season instead. My local woodland has wild english bluebells....but I'm afraid I have naughty spanish ones in my garden - they weren't planted on purpose I promise, but whilst they're here, I will enjoy them! 

Mum&I had a rule not to buy each other easter eggs, so I was very excited to receive my first cup of tea in my 'Insead-Of' easter present, a new Emma Bridgewater indeed! I did brave the rain to pick fresh chard and kale for the Sunday Lunch, after chopping back the kale to the bare stems after the butterfly massacre of '13, it's bounced back to life and very tasty it is too!

Hope your weekend was a good one! Let's try and carry that Springtime Easter joy in our hearts through to the end of the week, roll on the weekend!



Candy Pop said...

Lovely things and I spy Dala horses! Thanks for visiting my blog - please tell me where in Sweden did you go? I've never been and I think I need to!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

It looks and sounds like you had a lovely Easter weekend indeed. I love your instead-of Easter present. Lovely,

I hope you're having a great week!