Monthly Wish List - April

I have been slacking off the Monthly Wish Lists recently, I could fib and say it's due to a lack of shopping interest...but that could never be true!

To kick off Aprils list in style is this absolutely beautiful British oil painting by Margaret Fisher Prout (1875-1963). This painting, to me, is perfection. I adore the colours, the quintessential English afternoon scene and the tailored fashions of the time. It's said to be painted around 1941 with the most beautiful light and brushwork, a true gem of the British School Impressionist Paintings. It depicts the Fisher Prout family in their home, a wartime interior with the colour codes representing the political climate of the time. Behind the cosy home scene lies the threat of war, but for this captured moment, they are given peace. The price tag is out of this world (£7,000!), but I highly recommend looking at the Richard Taylor Fine Arts store as there is a good range of original artworks, with plenty of British artists.

This next item is a real curiosity, a solid silver Cicada brooch C1890, which would have been very popular during the Art Nouveau movement when they didn't shy away from unusual insect motifs. Despite this being her favourite era, my Mum winced at the sight of this, but I think it's a brilliantly odd statement piece! I like to imagine what sort of lady would have worn this originally, I can imagine it perched on swathes of lush velvets and printed fabric. Anything silver and animal/insect themed always goes for a good price, this eventually sold for £220.

Two more paintings that caught my eye are these Racing Pigeon portraits from the late 1920's. I am not usually the biggest pigeon fan, but these chaps were undoubtably prime examples in their day, and obviously did their owners proud in the racing. But I love how proud and poised they are, makes a change from the more common pastoral scenes.

If I had a pen of rabbits or guinea pigs I'd be pretty tempted to put this nearby, it's an original plaque from Yarmouth Zoo, and would always be sure to raise a smile!

And finally, I couldn't resist including this delightful vintage photograph of a lady and her three dogs on an outing, so jolly! I love the contrast of the English Bull Terriers to their smartly dressed owner, a refreshing change from traditional lapdogs! That car is also a thing of beauty. Yes please.

Hope that was an interesting selection of odds&sods, It was great fun finding these wonderful things!
What have you been hunting for recently?

Thanks for reading as always!



KatGotTheCream said...

I love that cicada brooch! Have a great weekend x

Candy Pop said...

The brooch is adorable! Lovely post, and have a great week!

Rachel Smith said...

It's always such a joy to come across new artists. I've just spent a lovely ten minutes researching Margaret Fisher Prout. Such a beautiful painting, thanks for sharing!