British Flower Week 2014 - My Garden In June

June is when the garden really comes into it's own and reminds you what it's made of! Longer days ensure we are given the extra time needed to manage and maintain all the bursting blooms, lush foliage and exceedingly quick growing grass that all need require attention! The warmer nights make pottering around a true joy, perhaps even daring to feel the grass underfoot? Why not indeed, lets hope it continues! To celebrate this British Flower Week, I thought I'd just take you on a quick tour!

In my garden at the moment, it's all about the range of alliums that have been swaying full of bees around the hut. I will leave them to dry naturally and have their gorgeous structured seed heads in place to still enjoy until autumn, I am always amazed at how different every variety is. Mine were actually bulbs from Lidl - what a bargain, I highly recommend! Elsewhere, the Delphiniums and Lupins are looking very happy for their second year, I'm amazed they survived the sodden ground after the flooding in January. I did have dreaded aphids on some Lupins but after a spray of washing up liquid and some brutal squishing (I did feel mean for the first few....then worryingly it gets easier!) I seem to have rescued them.

Produce has been good, apart from the slugs completely ravishing the beans and peas which are now looking rather sorry for themselves...I think I have special agent slugs that parachute in avoiding all the precautions I've put in place... I may have overthought that one but it would explain a lot! The radishes are doing well as ever but I've decided not to grow 'Cherry Belle' anymore and instead choose the assorted colour mix or french radishes, I find Cherry Belle are more likely to bolt and mutate - although not the ones above, as I did pick the prettiest of the bunch! 

Our strawberries are a Richard Jackson variety off QVC, they have already proved to be the most successful plants we've had, and we had plenty to make a scrummy trifle at the weekend with a mix of those and little wild strawberries too - as you can see, we don't do minimal. 

Hope you've had a good weekend, now fingers crossed for more sunshine!



KatGotTheCream said...

Wow, your garden is looking glorious. Very jealous of your alliums but top tip about getting cheap bulbs from Lidl, will keep my eye out for next year :)

Porcelina said...

I've enjoyed this peek into your garden very much! We've just had our first couple of strawberries, plants off family that have done so well.

My lupins have been ravaged by ninja slugs :( Sigh. My OH has taken to physically removing them from the garden and throwing them into the long grass over the wall!

I could eat a bit of that trifle right now... x