My Gardening Segment for The Radio 4 Today Show!

Well, it was an exciting beginning to the week to say the least! I received a surprise email inviting me onto the Radio 4 Today morning show to suggest gardening alternatives for those not interested in watching The World Cup! I am personally never fussed about football, so I chose to just suggest projects that I would love to get cracking on in my own garden over the next few weeks, sunshine permitting! I really enjoyed writing the script and the experience of being on the radio for the first time, not quite as nerve wracking as I was expecting, but then again I do love to talk, so once I'm warmed up I can just chatter on quite happily!

My idea of a good afternoon is sitting in the Shepherds Hut listening to Radio 4 on my yellow Roberts Radio, so let's say it was pretty surreal to hear my own voice emitting from it! Here is the link to listen, let me know what you think!

Big thank you to the Radio 4 Today Team for letting me loose on the airwaves! Hope it's a jolly, sunny weekend for all!



Candy Pop said...


Gillian said...

I wish I'd heard it, I generally have Radio 4 on most of the time. I heard someone talking about knitting in that same week, that was fun. But what a great experience to have. x

Happy Homebird said...

That's so amazing, what a great opportunity. I used to do hospital and then community radio, I miss it. Enjoyed listening and hope you get to do it again.

KatGotTheCream said...

Awesome! Off to have a listen now x