First Weeks Of July

Hello hello! Well, it's been a bit too quiet around here lately, I have been forsaking blogging for a combination of humdrum daily chores and certain 90s box sets on Amazon Prime - I admit it! Guilty as charged! 

At the moment I just want to be flip-flopping around in the garden, pouring over a stack of magazines on the lounger and cracking into a stash of ice lollies - of course, good old English weather guarantees no such thing so you just have to snap it up whilst you can! I am slowly turning from milk white to a slightly more healthier hue, one of the perks of being a gardening type! My favourite job of the last few weeks has been harvesting strawberries every day, our plants are still doing well, and they were the perfect topping for some homemade scones last weekend (Looks like enough to feed an army, we had the family around who made light work of them!)

In the vegetable garden it's all pretty quiet, I've had major disappointment with my peas and french beans, and I'm now trying to make up for it with several planters of salad varieties which will be ready in a few weeks time if I can keep the snails away! I also have been lucky with french radishes and spring onions...but that's about it this year! Luckily, my Grandad brought round some lovely allotment broad beans to save the day! Very therapeutic popping the beans out of the shell, a favoured kitchen garden job!

I have been changing around the planting in front of the Shepherds Hut, I got too carried away and stuffed too many larger plants at the front of the border, but I got it right with these brilliant drumstick alliums (as usual, bought from Lidl!) which have just started to turn purple, although I quite like this ombre look! They sway beautifully in the breeze, making gentle thudding noises as they collide - a firm new favourite! The cosmos are coming along, and you can just about see the dwarf sunflowers in the pots at the back, looking forward to those!

The mock orange is my absolute favourite, nothing smells as wonderful as this! It sits right outside the window of the hut so you keep catching a whiff of sweetness as you sit inside, bringing the outdoors in, as well as a hint of a holiday feel! If you have room in your garden for on of these, please treat yourself, and place a bench underneath - bliss!

Thanks for reading, hope you're weeks plodding along nicely!



driftwood said...

oh how I love mock orange. I do need to get one of those! and some of those alliums. gorgeous x

Mark Willis said...

The photo of the butterfly (is it a Comma?)on the watering-can is a classic! I have Mock orange, but I think even it is beaten into second place in the Perfume stakes by Sweet Peas - which I am currently ON!

Caro (UrbanVegPatch) said...

Hello Katie! Thanks for commenting on my blog and thereby introducing me to yours - I've spent a happy hour trawling through and LOVE your shepherd's hut, with just a touch of envy! I didn't know Lidl did bulbs but will keep an eye out at a local branch that opened recently. I love philadelphus but there's so much perfume in the gardens from other plants and surrounding gardens at this time of year, just lovely!

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh your strawberries look delicious!!! And your garden looks so very beautiful! Loving your shots by the way and your blog! Look forward to following along with you!! Nicole xo

Candy Pop said...

Wonderful images, and I adore your strawberry dish - wow!

CJ said...

What beautiful photos, I'm so happy to have discovered your blog. I really enjoyed reading the book review about the Uncle Walter book as well, it sounds like a really good read, I'm adding it to my wishlist. I shall be following along now, I'm looking forward to it. CJ xx