The Garden in August

For me, August is a quiet transition time for the garden. I feel I have done all I can to try and make it look pleasant for this year, so I can only really maintain and plan what needs to be done in September. Perhaps I'm being a little slapdash, but then again, I haven't had to do any watering after Hurricane Bertha has been taunting us with its sudden torrential downpours! I have done quite well with a variety of (last minute!) flower mixes including a Blue&White mix from Miracle Grow, and a £1 shop wild flower mix, alongside my faithful Lilds alliums, and my truly beautiful Sarah Raven Sunflowers which have been bursting into bloom despite the unsettled weather! The vegetable garden hasn't been quite as successful as last year, but I still did well with a variety of French Beans, chard, and trusty courgettes of course!

These beautiful Sarah Raven Moonwalker Sunflowers shot up in a matter of weeks after surviving the constant barrage of slugs and snails that managed to escape the pellets and tuck into the other Sunflowers that should have filled this entire bank, never mind, the survivors are looking very healthy! I also have a couple of Teddy Bear ones that look like they'll be flowering in September. Sunflowers are very special to me and my family so I'm very pleased to have such beautiful ones this year!

 The above mix was the Miracle Grow Blue and White mix, which considering it was a last minute and quite desperate attempt to salvage the patch behind the shepherds hut, is looking rather lovely! I've never grown Nigella before so I was delighted to see it doing so well here!

My gardening jobs for the next few weeks:

  • - Cut back herbs to encourage new growth
  • - Plant winter vegetables - cavelo nero, kale, swiss chard and oriental cabbages all good choices!
  • - Keep an eye on the tomatoes, pick out side shoots and support as needed (disappointing year for these so far!)
  • - Sort the strawberries out! Cut back leaves and save runners for new plants
  • - Prune rambling roses after flowering

How are things looking in your gardens/allotments? Are there any other August jobs I've forgotten?



CJ said...

Beautiful flowers, your garden is looking amazing. I'm very envious of your radishes, I never manage to grow them after the first ones in early summer, not sure why. I have a huge list of garden and allotment things to do, I need to get on with it! CJ xx

My Garden Diaries said...

Your garden is still bursting with so much life and color!!! And those sunflowers!!! I need to add some to my garden next year! Great list of to dos as well...I am looking to add some greens for the fall too. Keep us posted friend! Nicole xo

Gillian said...

Your garden is looking glorious! I'm afraid nothing is going on in mine right now, except a whole lot of weeds. Never mind, there's always next year. x