A Quick Trip To Winchester

Hello all! Well, what a soggy Bank Holiday it's been! My day consisted of a lie in, a Channel Four marathon (Come Dine, Four In A Bed - only the finest!), steaming bowls of soup, a quick turn at the gym and now a lazy evening with the candles burning - quite cosy indeed....but where has August gone?!

But at the weekend I was a bit more active and headed to Winchester for a quick day trip so Bruce could pick up his new (old) computer! My Uncle brought his van out for the occasion which is always a novelty to travel in, I still have to get used to sitting so high up, hence my genuine excited/slightly scared face:

After a pretty speedy 40 minute journey we arrived in Winchester, and discovered it had a one way system to rival even Farnham's, but luckily found a suitable spot for the van! Bruce headed off to track down his computer, and me and Uncle G had a wander around town, and immediately we spotted this beautiful original Nestles Milk sign on a lovely little house - I never tire of seeing examples like this!

We grabbed a coffee and decided to sit in the grounds of the Cathedral, which is one of the largest in England, with the longest nave and greatest overall length of any Gothic Cathedral in Europe! I hadn't visited since a school trip over a decade ago so it was lovely to sit and appreciate it properly, there is a very poignant war memorial in the grounds too. We were very lucky with the weather as you can see, a few clouds were beginning to look threatening so we got on the move again, I wasn't allowed in any shops as I'm on a strict budget until holiday!

There seems so many interesting little lanes to explore in town, with lots of sculptures, street art and features to keep you on your toes! I remembered this sculpture from our last whirlwind visit, it's near a VERY well stocked Oxfam book shop where I always find a few bargains! We found a wonderful gallery on Parchment Street, 'Bell Fine Arts' which had a fantastic array of painting, sculpture and prints, something for every budget too, must go back and look properly!

Finally, I couldn't help snapping this gorgeous Blighty Pub as we stopped at the traffic lights, I haven't seen that many hanging baskets in a long time! The red post box just finish off this chocolate box picture doesn't it? I have to come back to Winchester when I'm not on such a tight budget, I want to have a proper explore! Any recommendations for places to visit/eat would be fantastic!

Hope you've had a great Bank Holiday despite the weather,



Porcelina said...

That first photograph is just MAGICAL! Looks like you had a nice little road trip.

As for your comment on my blog, I'm looking forward to wearing more dresses in September too - I am determined not to break out the tights until next month, so it means I've been wearing more leggings and skirts, or trousers, rather than dresses. Mind you, I still have a week in Spain to look forward too, so definitely some dress wearing then!! P x

...Nina Nixon... said...

We've only visited Winchester the once - Chichester always seemed a little closer from the Haslemere side of Hampshire - but I wished we made the effort a little more often...it was lovely. Though we parked on the edge and walked in but even that was tricky too.

Randi C said...

Gosh, that last shot--- so perfect! Looks like a lovely place to visit.