Last Of The Summer Flowers

I am still bewildered to find myself suddenly in September, aren't you?? I've noticed it's just started to feel chilly in the mornings now, luckily there are still plenty of beautiful blooms to provide a reminder of warmer longer days! I visited Birtley House this week and found their gardens were still looking stunning! Plenty of perennials with pops of colour like these Rudbeckia, Bishops Flower, Agapanthus and Dahlias - and they all look so healthy! What is their secret?!

Back in my own garden, here is how the Shepherds Hut is looking in September, the Cosmos are still doing well, and the Delphiniums are back for a second showing, I spent over an hour weeding this patch today, the wild strawberries had taken over! I still have to paint the hut before winter to ensure the wood is protected after it's expanded over the last year - a couple of dry days is all I ask!

My Teddy Bear sunflowers finally bloomed this week, I was thinking I'd planted them too late but they are looking very jolly - one for the repertoire I reckon, I bought the seeds off Ebay! The Moonwalkers are still standing tall, I thought I'd pose proudly with them :)

Hope it's a great weekend ahead! Let's all welcome Autumn and hope it's in a good mood!



My Garden Diaries said...

Beautiful shots of all those lovely blooms! And yes it is crazy that September is here already! Your hut is outstanding! Such a charming and beautiful space friend! All good things to you this weekend! Nicole xo

driftwood said...

love those bishops flowers, and your garden is looking lovely

CJ said...

You're right, the season is turning. I've been trying to kid myself it's still summer, but it's getting harder to do. I can definitely feel a little chill in the air, and it's darker too. Your garden is looking beautiful though, still plenty to enjoy out there. I hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

LandGirl1980 said...

Yes - it is certainly changing - I can feel it in the morning. Fills me with excitement!

Your garden is AWESOME!!

Sorry I have not been commenting of late - I have been reading all of your posts, but for some reason BlogLovin' won't let me click on the comments bit. So, I googled you instead!

Porcelina said...

Bloomin' lovely! Great photos, and nice to see your own garden looking so wonderful. Ours is a bit full of weeds and I heavily pruned back some hydrangea today so that we can paint the wall behind it, and now it looks reallllly ugly!! Whoops.

I can't believe it's September either, where has time gone?! I love the light at this time of year though, some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to marvel at. x

Anna said...

September has certainly crept up on us stealthily this year but has been most gentle up to now in this part of the world. It's my next favourite month after May. Such happy and healthy blooms in the gardens of Birtley House. Your shepherds' hut looks such a tranquil retreat - I'm slightly green with envy :)

RaeAbigael said...

beautiful photos :)

P.S. Giveaway on my blog!

Gillian said...

I'm sorry, I wasn't really looking at the flowers because I was too distracted by the amazing Shepherd's hut! It's a thing of beauty. x