Frosted January Garden

In what feels like a blink of an eye, gloomy old January has nearly shuffled off for another year, hurrah! Dear old Blighty has been feeling mighty chilly of late, much more so than last year don't you think? It's only when the frost has settled can you really see the graphic details and shapes of the winter garden, and I love taking time to enjoy these different views!

I have several willow and dogwoods that have been setting off the sparkling frost, but also the various sculptures I've been collecting in various areas of the garden. I've been trying to tempt back the garden birds with a variety of new seeds and energy filled suet cakes, I love watching the blackbirds springing across the lawn when I wake up, the little birds will come and sit outside the kitchen door now, they're getting braver! 

The Shepherds Hut is still usable this time of year because of the little stove, I have enjoyed hiding away in there with a piping hot thermos of tea and the radio to keep me company! I have been crafting with my new BigShot machine which I will show you soon, trying hard to keep being creative on my days off rather than just collapsing in a heap in front of a 'Four In A Bed' omnibus! 

The only thing I can't abide about this time of year is having to defrost my car morning and evening, I was extra unlucky this week as I was defrosting it in INSIDE as well! My own personal snow flurry, which set me up in a proper grumpy mood, frozen fingers and a soggy car, grrr! Ok, I'm ready for Spring now!! Hope January has treated you kindly!

Ice on the INSIDE of my car -horrendous! 

Thanks for popping by!



Porcelina said...

De-icing has to be one of the worst jobs of winter!! Luckily I now take the train to work, but I empathise! What is that huge brown flower thing? It looks amazing with the frost. Lucky you with your cosy retreat, sounds wonderful x

CJ said...

Beautiful photos, but like you I'm starting to think about warmth now. CJ xx

Candy Pop said...

January has been long, although I've found it quite sunny - in Oxford anyway! I adore your garden and the distant trees are lovely. Have a great day!

Danielle Eskdale said...

I'm most certainly ready for Spring too but have to agree that I adore seeing the little birds pop by my garden for a bite to eat.

This time of year sure makes for some pretty photos though :)

I'm glad to of found your blog.

Best wishes, Danielle xo

Down by the sea said...

I am envious your Shepherds Ht is lovely and those wonderful sculptures look quite magical covered in frost! It must have been cold being iced up inside your car too! Sarah x

rusty duck said...

Oh I so need a shepherd's hut with a stove! A place to escape from all the renovation related mayhem. It does feel colder than last year. I hope all the plants I took a risk with are alright :(