First Snow Day of 2015

Hello there! Sorry it's been a little quiet over here, I've been under the weather and have just been taking everything rather slowly, oh how I can't wait for Spring! But last week, Hampshire finally got a taste of the white stuff as we woke up to our first snow in over two years! As soon as I woke up and saw that particularly different colour of light shimmering through the blinds I knew what awaiting us! My garden was looking quite wintery indeed, only the birds had been hopping over it (Mollie doesn't like snow on her paws at her age!)

I had work that day so I had to be quick with the snaps, but I thought the Shepherds Hut was wearing it's first covering of snow very nicely! I knew it would suit the wintery look, but last year was too mild to find out. It's always so lovely and quiet after the snow fall isn't it? It did help that all of the neighbours children had been bundled off to school already, I remember how cruel that felt, sent to school instead of being allowed a snow day! I crunched around the garden, taking time to notice the little wintery details of the snow settled on branches, leaves and statues, it did make the soggy wintery garden look a lot more photogenic!

As you can see, I was very excited to see it! It had sadly all melted by the time I'd returned home, so it was well worth getting up early to wander and enjoy it. How is it looking where you live? Any signs of spring yet?

Hope you have a great weekend!



Candy Pop said...

Your garden looks wonderful in the show, and I love your shepherd's hut.

We also had one day of snow, it's strange how quickly it comes and goes.

Porcelina said...

It does indeed look wonderful in the snow! We've had only the lightest sprinkling, it didn't stick at all. x

aprileveryday said...

I LOVE the snow! I'm the same - hurrying to take photos before work(though mine are usually literally as I'm about to jump in the car haha). I love the little hut you have! So cute!
Have a great week!
xo April
April | April Everyday

Danielle said...

pretty photos! we're getting way too much snow here at the moment

xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin