A Trip to Godalming

Godalming is a little Surrey town I used to visit every weekend with my family. We'd potter around the independent shops (my particular favourite was the dolls house shop!) then we'd buy crumbly cheese twists from the bakers and sit and eat them by the River Wey - really lovely, happy memories! So this week my Mum and I decided to take our first proper trip there in years, and found it to be a perfect place to stroll with Mia too! It was a very overcast humid day so we took our time wandering around in the "fresh" air, I wish it would either be sunny or rain, I can't bear this in-between weather!

We walked along the river and found it to be very overgrown compared to how it was before, I understand this encourages wildlife and wild plants but you can't clearly see the river anymore! There are lots of benches to sit and picnic, and if you are walking along that way I recommend a visit to the memorial to Jack Phillips, the brave local Chief Wire Telegraphist who died at his post on the Titanic. There are also these jolly little allotments which I always love to stop and stare at, the British flag was lacking breeze but it still made me smile! There were gorgeous proud Hollyhocks, a sea of healthy Nasturtiums, beans peas and squashes. All the plots were very well looked after, all in the shadow of the riverside Willow trees and the beautiful Godalming church, what a perfect place to have a little vegetable patch!

I need to pop back again soon because there are some wonderful new shops I didn't get a chance to explore - I spotted a new doggie emporium being set up which i will just HAVE to pop in and spoil Mia in, what a shame! We had lunch at dog friendly Cafe Mila which does a great selection of healthy and a little-bit-naughty treats and meals, we sat outside and people watched over our coffee, perfect! We will back soon!



Gillian said...

It sounds lovely. I love days like those, when you can be a tourist but not stray too far from home. I must visit Godalming as it's not that far from me now. x

aprileveryday said...

It looks so nice there! We're not actually too far from surrey, so I'll have to remember and pop in when we're down there sometime! It sounds like you both had such a great day! :)
xo April
April | April Everyday

Happy Homebird said...

I have heard so much about Godalming, it's one of those places I know is so beautiful even before I've ever visited. Looks like a quintessential English place and I'd love to look around there. Allotments looks very nice. Oh it ticks all the boxes.....I want to move down south you see....another one for the potential list....or maybe I'll need to win the lottery first! Gorgeous pics and Mia is so cute x