A Very Soggy Summer!

We have been a nation gripped by the weather forecast this summer, as yellow flood warnings were not on anyones agenda! We had barbecues to fire up, beaches to visit, picnics to munch! But despite our best made summer plans, Mother Nature proceeded to send us a deluge so extreme, I've even stopped saying "oh well, it's good for the garden" - this amount takes it way too far! My sunflowers are sticking out of two inches of water, the beds too sodden to hold anymore! The delicate wild flowers all dip their heads sadly, but anything shrub-like and green is looking healthy so that's one positive! Here is the view from my bedroom this October, SORRY i mean, August!

Mia won't go out in anything more than a fine drizzle so we have been ducking and diving outside at opportune moments, avoiding all the puddles too! She had been paddling about in the garden whilst I've been attempting to tidy up, my greens and Kale were past the point of saving from the caterpillars and snails, I was away for ONE weekend and they ran riot! Pests! I will just cut them back soon and they can re-grow for winter crops, at least they are hardy!  

One Sunday afternoon despite the awful forecast we went to my friends lovely house for a birthday party, not expecting any garden time at all, but we were proved wrong! Spot of yoga and lots of tearing around the garden with balloons with the little ones, I was shattered! Their apple trees were looking full to burst with fruit, one tree had been attacked by pests but still, thats a heck of a lot of crumbles to make! I did suggest them getting a press for fresh juice...and volunteered to be the first taster! :) There are hints of autumn in the air already, chillier mornings, leaves turning rusty, it won't be long! 

 Wishing you a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with a TON of sunshine and at the very least, some good food and films! Perfect!



Happy Homebird said...

Have a lovely bank holiday and fingers crossed for some sunshine although to be honest I am already in autumn mode now. Your friend's garden looks amazing!

Candy Pop said...

We've had SO much rain, but your garden looks good for it! ;)