Portrait Session With Linzi West At The Mermaid Shop, Lyme Regis

Whilst I was on holiday in Lyme Regis I had a rather unusual, but very lovely activity organised by my Mum - having my portrait painted! It began last year when we had popped into The Mermaid Shop and B&B and met artist Linzi West. We had a great chat about everything Lyme, Linzi's art and her beautiful house! Mum spotted a portrait hanging on the wall that Linzi had done of a friend of hers, and thought she would like one done of me in a similar relaxed style...so this holiday I found myself posing for my very own portrait! I must say this is not a pastime I am usually comfortable with, I am useless having my photograph taken and dread such occasions, but somehow I found this a far more relaxing affair! 

I sat for a couple of hours and Linzi actually completed two oil portraits for me, one was a trial run to get the 'Bloomsbury' style we were looking for flowing, and the second attempt took her a further two days working from photographs. My Mum adores Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell's portraiture, so Linzi drew inspiration from a book of their work whilst she was painting, and we set up a still life of chosen objects and a scarf I had brought along as colour inspiration. It was so enjoyable, and it really got my creative side going! But then again, being surrounded by so many beautiful works of art in a home practically buzzing with interesting objects and craft, how could I fail to be inspired?

And here is the finished result, I was thrilled, but it's always a little odd looking at an image of yourself isn't it? I can't deny the likeness is pretty uncanny, my family agrees it's definitely me!  I love the blue flecks in my hair and the detail Linzi took with the background, spot the scarf pattern I brought along?? Flying vegetables! The oil paint will take a few more weeks to properly dry so I had to be extremely careful getting it home un-smudged, infact our own comfort in the car was sacrificed so it could lie flat in the boot, we had luggage piled up on top of us instead! Classic family holiday capers! I hope you enjoyed seeing Linzi's wonderful studio, please do pop along to her website or even better, visit The Mermaid Shop when you are in Lyme Regis!

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Gina said...

It's beautiful!

Candy Pop said...

What a treat, I love the final painting.