Autumnal Delights

 “Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,

We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”

Humbert Wolfe 

My favourite time of year has not let me down! After a glorious burst of Indian Summer in September (just in time for our seaside holiday) October has continued being similarly cheerful, but with a nip of a chill beginning to sneak in. Chilly mornings and evenings are the hints that soon we will be reaching for the winter woolies and a large hot chocolate, what can be so bad about that?? 

The garden has several late bloomers, the Sunflowers have finally had their moments to shine, bobbing about the Shepherds Hut taking no notice of the rusty coloured leaves falling all around them. Still my favourite! Our Virginia Creeper has had another fabulous year, stretching about halfway down our garden fencing after only a handful of years, I intend to take cuttings and place elsewhere, it's a wonderful plant but does make a mess when all the leaves suddenly drop!

My walks in the woods with Mia always unearths some autumnal treasures - conkers, acorns and horse chestnuts aplenty, but also these gigantic mushrooms (below) which looked straight out of fairytale! Sadly someone had kicked them into bits the next time I walked past, but they truly were the biggest I've ever seen, nature does create some beautiful things!

Like a lot of you out there, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the wonders of autumn, do pop by and have a nose! I update it every day at the moment...I am a woman obsessed!

Hope you get to enjoy some fresh air and leaf kicking this week, thanks for reading! 



Porcelina said...

Beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your nature snaps. x

Jo said...

I'm a summer girl so it's with sadness that I acknowledge the onset of autumn, however, I don't mind the crisp sunny days, the wet mushy ones aren't quite so welcome. I do enjoy seeing all the wonderful colours though. The shepherd's hut looks fabulous with the sunflowers in the foreground. There's been lots of fungi around just lately, some varieties I've never seen before but I do love those red fly agaric mushrooms, I half expect a pixie to jump out from underneath them.

Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I love love love autumn so I am incredibly happy at the moment, especially with the gorgeous show of colour we are getting this year. I need to go into the woods very soon (probably during half term) and thoroughly breathe in my favourite time of year! Have a wonderful week x

Haak en Pen said...

I love your photo's, specially the beautifull red colours of the autumn, x

Candy Pop said...

Wasn't it wonderful to get a late Summer and your garden looks lovely, especially those sunflowers!

Your Pinterest boards are an inspiration - I follow you!

Happy Homebird said...

I think I come alive in the autumn for I love it all and get quite giddy about the leaves changing colour and the cooler days. I bought a woolly hat today and can't wait to wear it. Time to enjoy the early evenings, light candles and stay cosy.