Joys Of Christmas

I hope you and all those you love had a wonderful Christmas time! We had far too many presents, too much food and too much TV time...can't wait to do it all again next year! Christmas day itself passed in a flash after I was done 'doing a Jamie' on the dinner - the Norfolk Black turkey didn't disappoint and thankfully the roast potatoes were tasty - I think as long as the potatoes are crispy, you've got nothing to worry about! I did manage to get all my wrapping done in time (who's silly idea was it to stamp my own wrapping paper?) and I used the monochrome Christmas inspiration I had coveted on Pinterest, which wouldn't suit my more traditional home but was perfectly suited to my presents! 

Candles and fairy lights reigned supreme, and I did manage to sit down for the artistic genius that is Muppet Christmas Carol - it's not official Christmas without it! Mia (AKA - Santa Paws!) was super spoilt for her first Christmas as part of this mad family in the UK, she keeps gathering all her new toys into a pile like she can't believe they all belong to her! She also coped really well with the influx of visitors, noise and children, I couldn't have asked for anything more! Hope yours went off with a bang too, now we must face the confusion of the days until New Year - if in doubt, check the TV Guide!

Thanks for reading, hope you have a super start to 2016!