Welcome 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a great start to January, it arrived with such beautiful bright skies and the promise of crisp frosty mornings...but quickly descended into torrential rain and horrible mist, how jolly! It's always good to blow away to cobwebs between Christmas and New Year (even though I am always happy to be a hermit at home!) and luckily by living across from a nature reserve I get the perfect daily opportunity! I have been giving my plans for this year some careful thought, 2015 was actually a very content year for me and I feel I've come a long way compared to the last couple of years, so I am not overloading myself with resolutions yet! Although I am never a fan of New Years Eve, I do love waking up New Years Day with the potential of a whole fresh year stretching in front of you, and cracking open that brand new diary and using your very best pen for that first page, it's the little things!

No doubt I will be back soon to set some resolutions! I am currently in the midst of more building work at home so I doubt my week will be too peaceful, but I wish you a lovely rest of the week!



Anna said...

Happy New Year Katie! You are so lucky to have a nature reserve on the doorstep :) Hope that the building work is going well.

Candy Pop said...

Happy New Year! I agree, new year's day has such a fresh feeling especially starting a new diary or calendar. x