2016 Resolution - Declutter!

So here is my 2016 resolution, to DECLUTTER! Both materialisticaly and mentally. For every messy drawer or shelf I clear, I must also remember to work on accepting what is, to be kind to myself and to try and let go of fears and anxiety when there is nothing I can do to control the outcome. That is more difficult for me than any pile of unread books or unworn clothing, but I think I do just need to try and focus my attention and energy onto more useful or positive endeavours. 

And I have made a positive start! The first few days of January I filled the car twice with stuff to either scrap or recycle, and about 15 bags for the local charity shop I support. I have done irregular decluttering over the past year but this was a very focused effort. I am no hoarder and I am house proud, but I can collect paperwork and books in the blink of an eye and my wardrobe needs some serious maintenance!

I do feel I have a new mindset already, but I am not getting too ahead of myself as there's a house load to go! Despite me finishing the decluttering session exhausted and covered in dust, I now know in my heart I am not destined to have this much stuff around me 24/7. It's too heavy. I will never be minimalistic, but I only want the special and the useful, not those white-noise items!

Inheritance is a tricky thing. I thought parting with certain possessions would upset me, but it honestly didn't. My Dad was never a materialistic person, we just had a lot of stuff! 30 years in one house natural accumulates a lifetime of belongings, both very special and now un-necessary. It's been fantastic to rediscover the special things, and it'll be more worthwhile to ensure they are pride of place. 

My OCD tendencies from a few years ago are now under maintenance, but they can come in handy at times like this! I am pretty flippant about it, but in all seriousness it all stems from the most stressful time of my life, and I need to make sure I'm moving on. If I can gain more than just wardrobe space from this, but also some clam and clarity, that would be quite an achievement. I've been through a lot and I deserve it.

My continuing house refurbishment gives me the perfect opportunity to take back control of my home. I'm, looking at it as an experiment in mindfulness, and I am most hoping to look back and see self improvement this year. Are you undertaking a similar resolution? I hope to chart progress on my Instagram, although I will spare you any decluttering selfies from last weekend, as I looked like Miss Havisham covered in cobwebs!

Would love to hear any of your experiences with this, what are your aims for 2016?

Thanks for reading!



Porcelina said...

Another declutter-er here!! I have done another bag today of stuff for the charity shop. It feels good. It is hard to get rid of some stuff, but I always feel better when I'm in an orderly and neat environment. I'm not a minimalist either, but I don't like mess. Good luck with the rest of your clear out, I hope it's cathartic x

Candy Pop said...

Well done you. It's a hard process but really with the effort, and sometimes tears. Good luck! xx