A Sprinkle Of Snow

We only had a small sprinkling of the white stuff over my way, but it was enough to give the garden a much needed facelift after the endless rain ruining the lawn and turning the Shepherds Hut into a houseboat! Mia was less than impressed at the snow flurry and refused to saunter outside, so my "Mia's First UK Snow Day" video attempt was in vain! I love the Brit's obsessed with weather, I'm the first to warn others of black ice (bloody death trap!!!) or other such dramatics, I just can't help myself! Whereever I went this week, the topic on everyones lips remained 'OOOOH ISN'T IT COLD!" which I was more than happy to chime in with, I just wish I hadn't of misplaced my waterproof gloves, de-icing the car was most painful without them! (Have I mentioned how cold it was???) Meanwhile the rest of the week comprised of clearing out more clutter, long dog walks with Mia making lots of new friends, and trying to ease myself into some healthier eating as the Christmas food stock has nearly diminished - sad times! 

 Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Thanks for popping by,



Porcelina said...

Aw, snow must have been a bit of a surprise to Mia! Maybe if it snows again you can tempt her outside. x

Randi C said...

We're having our first snowfall here, of course it'll only amount to a dusting, but it's still very exciting and has sent everyone dashing off to the store to stock up on food, just in case.
My Sam, like your Mia, is less than enthused and will have nothing to to with the white stuff, while our new rescue, Kirby, loves any precipitation-- she has even been known to catch snowflakes in her mouth, silly dog.

Stay warm!

Candy Pop said...

Your garden looks so beautiful in the snow. We haven't had any in Oxford, yet! x

Alice Young said...

Yes last week was sooo cold, I am quite happy it has warmed up a bit this week - I'm really not one for the cold! I never got any snow where I am!

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