International Women's Day 2016

In honour of International Women's Day 2016, I want to express how much I believe in not being afriad to let other women know how ace they are. The quote "empowered women, empower women" couldn't be more appropriate, and I believe in it 100%. Today and everyday. I am so proud how my whole family raised me without ever installing a shred of doubt about my potential, or what I can achieve if I set my mind to it. Gender was never spoken about as a boundary, simple as that. I know many are not that lucky, and the best I can do is ensure I carry their positivity and belief with me!

The term 'girl gang' might be the hottest buzzword on the block right now, but I do use it and am loving what it's standing for in 2016. Such girl gangs should be built on ensuring each member knows they deserve the world, whilst also believing you deserve just the same, simple as that! Pretty much the plainest idea of feminism, but with a less socially intimidating name (but that's another debate!). I can't understand why this still seems a far-out notion, maybe not to late 20-somethings like me, but to the younger teen generation where there still seems to be such animosity and competitiveness brewing. I know the teen years are the trickiest to navigate unscathed, and I am SO VERY GLAD I am not a 2016 teenager, too much pressure to be perfectly perfect in every Instagrammable-way. It is a deliciously liberating day when you start to realise you no longer tend to care what others may think of you!

I feel the other attitude that needs kicking to the curb is "I only hang out with guys to avoid all the drama" - first of all, if you really believe that to be true, I think you need to pick up a history book! And second and most importantly, you're really missing out! Maybe I'm just spoilt in my current social groups, granted I didn't build such strong relationships until I was at college, but once built, the foundations have stayed strong with very minimal drama! Funnily enough, having mutual respect  for each other does mean a lack of typical 'bitchy' remarks. 

If you have avoided the close female friendship circle this far, may I casually suggest you get out there and find yourself a bunch of positive vibe, loud-and-proud bunch of girls, they really are all around us! Regardless if you like going out, staying in, eating kale, eating hangover McDonalds breakfasts, wearing little, wearing lots, there will be a girl gang who totally get's it! Or if not, they'll sure as hell love that YOU love it! If you go away from reading this with the urge to put on a Spice Girls album, my work here is done. Over and out!

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Porcelina said...

A wonderful post Katie, wise words indeed! xx