Five Happy Things In March

  1.  True signs of Spring being on the way - wild crocus bursting into bloom in the woods
  2. Proudly being self sufficient in kale, so can smugly ignore inflated supermarket prices
  3. Sunny mornings and wholesome breakfasts (with mentioned homegrown greens!)
  4. Giving Mia a pampering session
  5. First seaside trip of 2016


Porcelina said...

OO kale. We need to grow kale! I'm a bit obsessed, I love it!! x

Michael said...

I just discovered your blog via one my wife is following. Your blog is utterly cosy and divine. Fabulous photos and enjoyed your 5 happy things. I also took a spin over at your art/illustrations - super wonderful work! We both illustrate as well! If you're ever up for it, you might like to join a bi-weekly art co-op I host called Creative Tuesdays. The latest theme is "Easter Eggs". I've revamped the program and excited to see new artist simply share their art to encourage others across the world. Anyway, if not, that's ok. :)

I'm looking forward to exploring your little blog home more. :)

Candy Pop said...

Gorgeous beach huts and I like the sounds of growing your own kale - yum!