Late Spring In The Garden

For those who are regular visitors to this blog it is no surprise to read how much I enjoy spending time outdoors and in my own garden. May is the special time I always look forward too, with the Bank Holidays promising so much potential for topping up the tan whilst getting jobs done in the garden (too much pressure, never quite works out!). There is so much growing all at once I thank the longer days allow me to get around to all the watering and weeding, let alone all those seeds I still have to sow! This year seems to be zooming past at an alarming rate, as I write this it is actually June which does make me panic slightly - but then I remember that brings even more chances to pad about outside barefoot, and I'm happy again. Simple pleasures. Mia very much appreciates the sunshine too and would spend all day snoozing in the daisies.

Walking in the woods has also brought much pleasure in May as the beautiful Rhododendrons are out in force, despite not being a native plant for our woods I still think they bring a beautiful tropical splash of colour. I felt like I was in the jungle book walking through the alley of purple flowers.

Hope you have been seeing plenty of the great outdoors too! What are the garden projects on the list for June?

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Porcelina said...

Such lovely photos, I always enjoy seeing your garden.
We're attempting to grow some vegetables this year. So far only 2 fennel have poked through, despite me laying 2 rows of seeds! Gah. I'm not very good at this gardening malarkey. The peas are looking better. x