Mia's First GOTCHA Day!

This week was officially a year to bringing Mia home, I can't believe how quick it has gone! This time a year ago she was loaded into the vets van and spent 48 hours (luckily with air conditioning and plenty of water) travelling from Romania to the UK. She came from a loving foster home who didn't want her to go, but they had to give another dog from the pound a chance of freedom, so Mia was chosen to come to us. We waited nervously at Chobham services to pick her up, and the van was running late which only added to my worry, but before I knew it they had put her into my arms where she snuggled up immediately. No shakes, and no obvious fear, I was always amazed at that! Weeks went by and she began coming out of her shell, the typical terrier cheekiness shining through! She's bloody noisy, has a killer prey drive and only listens to half of what I tell her, but I love her unconditionally and she made our house a whole again. She has got quite the little chubby thing in a year too, quite a change! As we don't know how old she is, around 2-4 apparently, we celebrate this GOTCHA day instead!

To celebrate she enjoyed her very own Pupcake smash, cheese flavoured! It as wolfed down in ten seconds so I barely had time to take the photos, should have brought a couple to practice with! She is quite a spoilt hound, I admit! She spent the day lounging in bed and then walking with all her doggie friends, her idea of perfect time! She is rather cute my little werewolf.

Hope you enjoyed some Mia pictures! Have a lovely weekend!


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