Weekend in Kent

I'm lucky that i get to escape work at the weekends and head to Kent instead! This weekend, Bruce and I managed to get out in the sunshine and visit Coldrum Long Barrow, the best preserved of Kent's megalithic tombs. Bruce's Grandad first visited this site around 50 years ago, and it seems it's changed a lot even since then, he is particularly interested in the ley-lines that appear to connect the stones to several churches in the area. We had a fantastic walk up to the stones, past a very nice church, horse paddocks and then these stunning rapeseed fields, very picturesque indeed!

At the turn of the century there was still a medial stone in the burial chamber, and the site has been excavated many times, one excavation producing the bones of 20+ individuals of varying ages and both sexes. Nowadays Coldrum is still used as a place for meditation and quiet thought, and the solstices and equinoxes are celebrated here. The overhanging tree was full of ribbons, corn dollies, and other little gifts from visitors.

Bruce always attracts attention by using the 10x8, the usual 'hilarious' remarks of "That's nice and compact" are always popular, yawwwwwn! Sorry, but I don't have as much patience as he does with these things! Either admit you don't know what it is and be interested to learn, or don't make silly remarks! Sorry again, I'm a grump. He doesn't mind the attention really! ;)

 We also headed to some beautiful bluebell woods, glad to see this latest monsoon weather hadn't washed them all away! This is definitely my favourite aspect of spring, very special ideed.

Nice to see 'Blighty looking so bloomin' gorgeous eh? :) As ever, thanks for popping by!


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