Beginning of December

Welcome December! The month when Michael Buble comes out of hibernation to croon Crimbo tunes, novelty knitwear is dusted off with pride, and port and mince pies are part of your five-a-day, hurray! And of course if you happen to work in retail, your sanity is put through its paces from noon until night - it can only make you a stronger, better person right? RIGHT??? Ok I'm calm.

Outside of work, things are looking rather beautifully festive already! The holly does actually have some rich red berries this year, could "snowmageddon" be on the horizon after all? Mia has been loving the bracing walks, nearly being blown off her feet with the windy weather, but she relishes the fresh air! She has been practicing her climbing after the squirrels, making it half way up trees sometimes, they need to climb faster! But luckily for me, she also loves coming home and snuggling in front of the fire, like anyone sensible, wish I could do that more too! 

There have been some late night Christmas crafting sessions in the shepherds hut (rock and roll I know!) as I attempt to get all the cards made and wrapping paper stamped, wrapping the presents themselves is a very different task and I will need to start that soon too, or I'll end up a flustered ball of sellotape with gift tags stuck in my hair, weeping under the tree...

To get in the festive spirit I've been reading my collection of Charles Dickens Christmas Tales which I received last year, I've been very much looking forward to settling down with it and a mug of something warm, highly recommend it as a present for a bookish loved one.

Have you got your decorations up already? Presents done and dusted? Or are you choosing the BAH, HUMBUG approach this season, I can see the appeal of all these!

Thanks for reading,

Katie x

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Candy Pop said...

I've put up some lights and done all my Christmas shopping - I'm very pleased with myself. After over 10 years in retail I feel your pain! Gorgeous shots of your dog. x